Who Performed at your Company Holiday Party Last Year

by Judi Dunch on May 18, 2011 · 0 comments

Hey remember that asshole entertainer who performed at your company holiday party last year?

So you’ve had 12 Michelob Ultras (hey, you sit behind a desk all day…) and you’re at your company’s awards dinner. It’s a good night. You’ve charmed your boss, his boss and the hot girl from accounting. That new Express shirt is already paying for itself.

And now it’s

time for the night’s entertainment. This should be great. What could possibly go wrong? Oh wait…

See, the economy is a little tight. Plus, you work

for a corporation, which means that even if your company grew 200 percent, you’re not going to be enjoying Jay-Z unplugged. No, you’re about to enjoy the musical stylings of 6 morbidly obese Texas housewives

who’ve formed an a cappella Black Eyed Peas cover band. (Time for more Michelob Ultras…)

Or maybe music offends your zealously baptist corporate overlords. Good news, you will be enjoying the stand-up comedy of a corporate humor specialist. He’s got some zingers about synergy. Don’t worry, the hot girl from accounting will be all over him 20 minutes after his set…

No matter who or what, they’re all assholes.

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