Harold Camping

June 21, 2011

Tweet Hey remember that asshole Harold Camping?  You know the asshole that predicted the world would end last month and made a big spectacle with his radio show and billboards?  Man what a tool (of the Lord) that guy was. History is full of assholes that have predicted the end of the world.  We had […]


Günter Parche

June 8, 2011

Tweet Günter Parche – Lover of Steffi Graf and Michael Myers to Monica Seles It’s April 30th 1993 and the world’s number 1 female tennis player, 19 year old Monica Seles is playing in the quarterfinals of the Citizen Cup in Hamburg, Germany.  Leading 6-4, 4-3 Seles walked to the sideline to take a break but […]


O.J. Simpson

May 25, 2011

Tweet Hey, remember that asshole O.J. Simpson?  Yeah the hilarious guy from the Naked Gun movies.  The awesome running back.  Oh yeah, and the guy that (may or may not have but probably) murdered his ex-wife and her friend, got off and then subsequently went to prison for armed robbery and kidnapping.  Yeah… THAT […]


Who Performed at your Company Holiday Party Last Year

May 18, 2011

Tweet Hey remember that asshole entertainer who performed at your company holiday party last year? So you’ve had 12 Michelob Ultras (hey, you sit behind a desk all day…) and you’re at your company’s awards dinner. It’s a good night. You’ve charmed your boss, his boss and the hot girl from accounting. That new […]


Alexander Graham Bell

May 17, 2011

Tweet Hey remember that asshole Alexander Graham Bell, the guy who invented the telephone? WHAT? The man invented the telephone and helped teach Helen Keller. How could he be an asshole? Tweet


Shawn Nelson – The San Diego Tank Guy

May 9, 2011

Tweet On May 17th, 1995 Shawn Nelson went on a rampage of epic, epic proportions.  On the evening of the 17th, Nelson traded in his Chevy Van for a M60 Patten Tank and went on a 23 minute rampage.  The unemployed plumber stole the tank from a US National Guard Armory and went on a […]