Ronny Sunshine

Christopher Columbus

October 11, 2011

Tweet Hey remember that asshole Christopher Columbus?  You know the one in that jaunty rhyme they teach you in first grade: “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”  They credit this guy with “discovering” America, challenging the world is flat theory, and spreading Christianity.  But they overlook all the fun facts.  You know like his […]


Harold Camping

June 21, 2011

Tweet Hey remember that asshole Harold Camping?  You know the asshole that predicted the world would end last month and made a big spectacle with his radio show and billboards?  Man what a tool (of the Lord) that guy was. History is full of assholes that have predicted the end of the world.  We had […]


O.J. Simpson

May 25, 2011

Tweet Hey, remember that asshole O.J. Simpson?  Yeah the hilarious guy from the Naked Gun movies.  The awesome running back.  Oh yeah, and the guy that (may or may not have but probably) murdered his ex-wife and her friend, got off and then subsequently went to prison for armed robbery and kidnapping.  Yeah… THAT […]