Roscoe Finkle

Owner of Roscoe Finkle’s New and Used Imported Rugs and as diverse as Lenny Kravitz.  He loves a large glass of burbon, movies with ridiculous explosions, and Mozart (yea I’m fricking cultured).  He spends the days picking his afro, fending off the ladies and observing asshole-ish behavior.

He hates decorative hand towels (why have a towel that you can’t actually use?),  can’t stand people that

can’t park – like the asshole who takes up two spots for no other reason then to be an asshole, and especially hates trail mix (what a gross, appalling invention).

Talk to Roscoe and say hello, but beware – he very well may put you on blast.

PS – Welcome to Hey Remember That Asshole

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