“Assholes are here. Assholes are there. Asshole are everywhere. Assholes are timeless. Assholes are infinite. You’re an asshole. We’re assholes. But some assholes, are bigger than others” -Roscoe Finkle

Welcome to HEY REMEMBER THAT ASSHOLE – a site dedicated this crazy messed up world we live in and the assholes that have and always will inhabit it. It all started one night at the end of

an exhausting cross country flight. An innocent mention of “Hey, you remember that asshole who…” and our site was born.

Our mission is a simple one, to “celebrate” the strong history of assholes on this planet… And by “celebrate” we mean help relive their fifteen minutes of shame. So join us in our celebration of the asshole, and not let their “accomplishments” go forgotten.


*Note: As we get up and running, check back to this page for more information about the site, and the assholes that are writing for it*

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